Diesel Generators Johannesburg, Gauteng & South Africa

Diesel generators are an essential asset to any company who can’t suffer from any power outage. Providing essential back-up power, a diesel generator will give you the electrical power needed to keep essential data systems and machinery running smoothly for hours. At Future Technologies & Electrical, we provide every service you need to be able to rely on your commercial or industrial diesel generator.

Diesel generators can either be used in place of a mains electrical supply or as back-up power, making them ideal in remote locations. Future Technologies & Electrical are on hand to assist you in finding the best commercial and industrial power solutions.

Our diesel generator services
As well as supplying you with a diesel generator that meets all your need, at Future Technologies & Electrical, we also:

  • Install diesel generators
  • Commission diesel generators
  • Provide diesel generator maintenance

Rely on safe, dependable generator solutions – wherever you are
Whether you need an energy supply in the middle of nowhere or you want a back-up source of energy in the event of an extended power outage, a diesel generator from Future Technologies & Electrical will meet all your requirements.

Our installation, commission and maintenance services are designed to make sure you can always rely on your diesel generator. Don’t worry about power outages, or being connected to main electricity with diesel generators you can rely on.

Discover more about our diesel generators and talk to a member of our team about our installation, maintenance and commission services today. Simply call 011 312 9944 or email info@ftec.co.za for your FREE quote.